Which impact programme is best for your company?

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What does excelling at football or furniture making have in common with being a world-class manufacturing operation?

  • Having the right tools in the toolbox
  • Knowing how and when to use the tools to grasp the opportunities
  • Knowing where you want to be and believing you can get there



The Business Improvement Consultant

The Footballer

The Carpenter

The Practitioner


The Passion


The right tools in the box

Impact Toolkit

Understanding the theory of a set of tools and techniques for continuous improvement.


“I understand the theory of continuous improvement techniques”

“I go to training 3 times per week play for the first team, love following the premiership on TV” “In my workshop I have a wood-turning lathe and a full set of professional carpentry tools”
The Manager


A Successful Team


Master of the Tools


Impact Masterclass


Applying a combination of tools and techniques to take advantage of an opportunity for improvement in Quality, Cost and Delivery.


“I have demonstrated I know how to successfully apply a complimentary set of continuous improvement techniques to bring about an improvement in an area of the business”

“Each of my players has slightly different skills and strengths, some more than others but together they make a great team that believes in itself and gets results” “I am able to produce good-quality wooden tables and sell them for profit”
The Director


Having a Vision


Delivering the Vision



Impact Programme


Applying the right combination of continuous improvement techniques across the business to bring about a transformation in business performance and the institutionalisation of continuous improvement techniques within everyday ways of working


“I have made a step change in business performance and continuous improvement is a way of life”

“In the next 3 years we want to win the league and the cup and build a sustainable legacy of always being a “top 4” team playing in Europe” “The furniture I produce is renowned for its originality, value and quality and sell for a good profit margin as I have been able to fine tune my production processes”
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