Do you practice 5S at home but not in the workplace?

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One thing that always strikes me when visiting some sites that are not well organised is why put up with it at work and not at home?

Most people I know are pretty well organised in their own home, they can find most things with ease, declutter on a regular basis and look after their stuff. Why?

Because time off is precious and they want a nice, well-maintained environment to relax and spend their well-earned in.

Time can fly extremely quickly when you are off, so wasting any time (unless deliberately so) is not the thing to do. Looking after what you have is important, and money only goes so far, so managing the budget is also a priority.

In most homes, things are usually:

  • Sorted
  • Shined
  • Set in Order
  • Standardised
  • Sustained

If you recognise this, this is 5S, a fundamental principle of Lean and Continuous Improvement. If you do not recognise this, then would it be just good housekeeping and common sense?

5S engages people to use standards and discipline. Finding things with ease, equipment being put back where it belongs, having stuff that works when you want it, no clutter and a nice place to work in not only reduces stress and improves your well-being, it makes you more productive, so it works for both you and your employer.

You spend (at least) a third of your life at work, would it be worth a try to apply 5S in a systematic and continuous way?


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