Lean RCM™ Qualification

What is Lean RCM™?Lean RCM

Lean and RCM are complimentary philosophies that form a powerful combination. Lean helps to change the organisational culture and establish a process for continuous reliability improvement. RCM establishes a strong foundation for maintenance strategy. We have adapted these methodologies and integrated them into a system we call Lean RCM™.

We are now very pleased to offer the first recognised award for our IMPACT Masterclass™  Lean RCM™, which recognises best practice in asset reliability, operational productivity skills and competence within individuals operating in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Lean RCM™ Qualification

The Lean RCM qualification is a customised award owned by EMS Cognito and assured by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). The qualification is the first of its kind and has been developed in line with our IMPACT Masterclass™ to recognise best practice in asset reliability, operational productivity skills and competence within individuals operating in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Who is the Qualification for?

Anyone in manufacturing, processing or utilities with an interest in tackling reliability issues and proactively managing their assets. Suitable candidates for the qualification may include (but not exclusive to) Engineering Managers, Production Managers, Maintenance Managers and members of their teams including Operators, Supervisors, Maintainers and Technicians.

The Benefits of Lean RCM™

For Candidates

  • The Lean RCM™ Qualification is a recognised, externally verified qualification that is credit rated allowing comparison with other academic awards allowing comparison with other academic awards.
  • A desirable achievement for progressive Engineering, Maintenance and Operations employees who are seeking to develop and further their careers.
  • A demonstrable benchmark of skills and competence in Lean and Reliability best practice

For Employers

  • Recognition of the contribution of both operations and maintenance teams in the continuous improvement process
  • A demonstration of investment in people
  • Demonstrates to customers and consumers alike the desire to continuously improve and apply rigorous standards
  • Provides a standard for employers to measure current and potential employees to ensure their teams have the skills and competence to deliver world-class asset performance.

Qualification Structure

There are 3 levels of Lean RCM Qualification which in total comprises of 5 key units;

  1. Lean RCM Theory – To demonstrate an understanding of the theories of Lean Manufacturing and Reliability Centred Maintenance
  2. Lean RCM Practitioner – To demonstrate an individual’s ability to apply Lean RCM theory, improving asset reliability and productivity.
  3. Lean RCM Facilitator – The highest level of award equivalent to 49 credits at degree level, this qualification demonstrates an individual’s ability to lead others through the successful implementation of the Lean RCM process to improve asset reliability and productivity


Lean RCM Qualification Structure

There is a retrospective prior learning policy in place for this qualification meaning that customers who have worked with us in the recent past may submit the outputs of their work for assessment against the criteria for each level of the award.

The Lean RCM Qualification is credit rated according to the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF), which is compatible with other rating systems throughout the UK.  Further information regarding the SQA and SCQF can be found on the SQA Website www.sqa.org.uk.

SQA Approved Centre

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