“The improved interdepartmental communication and co-operation enabled through the IMPACT Masterclass™ Process Improvement Programme, identified how we could significantly reduce the amount of unburnt waste going to landfill, resulting in a considerable cost saving to LondonEnergy Ltd

Robert Stammers, Head of Waste Operations, LondonEnergy Ltd


“The IMPACT Masterclass pilot at Viridor has been a great success. Lean thinking enabled us to reduce our maintenance labour by 89% and the project as a whole resulted in a 6% increase of plant availability. Production and Engineering teams are now fully engaged and working alongside each other with one common goal, continuous improvement”

Damon Brierley, Head of Asset Operations, Viridor

Welsh Water Logo

“The Impact Programme is now an integral part of our operations strategy. It became apparent early on that this new approach was achieving really significant results. One of the big benefits of this way of working is that it sets the points of expectation, defines where the process should be so it is no longer open to interpretation. It removes the element of chance.”

Mike Berry, Operating Lean Delivery Manager, Welsh Water


“The significant lift in OEE generated by the IMPACT Programme produced two extra days of cylinder head production per month. We have in place clear visual controls around the factory to simplify routine checks and our operations team is rapidly moving towards ‘control and innovations’ maintenance.”

Gef Keys, Chief Engineer at Montupet, UK

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“This is excellent, I don’t often see improvement as good as this.”

John de Poot, Manager, Global Continuous Improvement, HJ Heinz

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“I can honestly say that in 32 years of industry I have never come across any process that generated such interest and efficiency improvements.”

Dean Wogan, Bradford Operations Director, St Ives Direct

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“This programme has been a massive step change for us and the outputs are very positive. We are changing everything from the way we manufacture things to the way our servicing department operates. People can see the difference and they want to be a part of the change”

Peter Grimwood, Bernard Matthews

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