Lean Transformation – Defining Digital Managing Daily Performance

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  • What is Managing Daily Performance?
  • What are the necessary ingredients for successful Managing Daily Performance?
  • What is digital Managing Daily Performance?
  • What are the benefits of digital Managing Daily Performance?
  • How EMS Cognito helps organisations develop Managing Daily Performance

What is Managing Daily Performance?

MDP is a cascaded series of people-centric meetings involving all employees in reviewing performance against standards, making decisions and deciding on appropriate actions for continuous improvement.

These meetings are structured, facilitated by employees and supported by managers, short in nature, typically 5 minutes or less, therefore no requirement for tables and chairs and the meetings take place as close as possible to where the value is added to the customer product or service i.e. “the shop floor”.

Meetings are highly visual, standardised across the organisation, in both look, feel and structure, are easy to follow, such that anyone can understand the standards, current performance and actions with a two-minute glance at the visual management boards used to convey information.

These highly visual boards are accessible to all, not hidden away in databases and computer systems as organisations who truly grasp, and have institutionalised MDP, are happy to share their information with all employees, visitors and visiting customers alike.

What are the necessary ingredients for successful Managing Daily Performance?

This is quite simple to answer. A set of solid Leadership Foundations. In other words, a senior management team who believe their individual and collective success depends on motivated, capable employees. Their role as senior managers is not to be heroes but to support their teams of employees providing encouragement, motivation, new skills and techniques and resources to continuously improve.

What is digital Managing Daily Performance?

For many years, organisations have tried unsuccessfully to digitise visual management magnetic whiteboards into some form of computer-based system often with disastrous results. Why? Because the architects of such systems do not understand, or perhaps believe, in the concept of Managing Daily Performance of truly understand the key elements of a Lean culture. The best place to hide information is inside a computer.

A digital Managing Daily Performance system will only work if it can replicate the people-centric, interactivity and engagement that magnetic visual management whiteboards have brought leading Lean organisations for decades.

Having searched for a successful formula for many years, EMS Cognito is delighted to have found a perfect solution to allow Managing Daily Performance to transition to digital without losing any of the key and vital ingredients. It is known as iObeya. ®

What are the benefits of digital Managing Daily Performance?

Using the iObeya software platform, we have developed Managing Daily Performance boards and methodologies which mimic our existing customers physical whiteboards but bring additional advantages of digitalisation. Put quite simply, digital information can be shared and transferred and updated many times more rapidly than physical interactions with whiteboards.

For organisations who have not yet engaged in MDP or developed their system, the solution provides additional advantages in speed of execution.

Of course, with the enforced acceleration of remote working in the past 12 months, or so, digital Managing Daily Performance has really come into its own providing opportunities and a mechanism for organisations who believe in a Lean continuous improvement culture to continue these meetings despite people based in a variety of different locations either at home, on the road, in the office and indeed in miscellaneous locations within their premises.

How EMS Cognito helps organisations develop MDP

For many years, EMS Cognito has helped organisations develop their Managing Daily Performance systems as part of a Lean Transformation. We continue to do this today but with an emphasis on a digital solution from the offset. Rest assured, there is no point having a digital managing daily performance system if the leadership foundations are not in pace nor robust enough to support its sustainability.

Contact us regarding Lean Transformation, Process Improvement, Digital Managing Daily Performance and Change Management.

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