Common Obstacles to Overcome when Accepting Lean and Transformation within Large Organisations (Part I)

I could buy the books?

I could buy the books?

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Chris Hoy Results

I could Buy the Book?

Approach to Lean – You can buy this book but it doesnt mean you achieve results like Chris Hoy.





The toyota Way

I could use Training Courses?

Likewise, you can send your employees on Lean training courses but it doesn’t guarantee your organisation will develop a Lean culture.









So What Should I Do?  Read our Top Tips on why Change Programmes Fail…….

So, maybe, before you buy a book to help you to polish the techniques, invest some time and money in learning how to make sustainable change within your organisation. We have chosen 10  top reasons why change programmes fail due to senior management’s inability to address the root cause of bad practices before deploying the Lean programme. It might be interesting to note that all of the examples are based on real life situations and often commonly occurring situations.

Here are our first 5

1. Cannot see the wood for the trees
“It’s always been this way, there is no other way of doing things. All other widget manufacturers do it this way.” “It’s okay; we do all these things already”

2. Fear of being made to look stupid
“I spent 20 years building this mess, if my colleagues realise, how stupid will I feel?”

3. Afraid of confrontation
“They are not going to like it, what will the unions say?” I will have to speak to the quality manager, he won’t like it.” “What about health and safety?” “HR won’t agree, we tried this before” “I know, it’s difficult, and these are some of the best guys we’ve got”

4. “Flat Earthers”
“I can see how it might work in the food industry, but that’s easy.” “We tried it before and it doesn’t work” “Do you realise how many different product varieties we have?” “The conditions are always changing”

5. Empire building
“If we do that value stream mapping and it confirms my fears that many of the activities my department does are not adding any value, will that mean I lose some of my people? What about my role?”

Check back next week for our next 5 top tips!

Make an IMPACT, change your thinking today.



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