It is all about the MONEY!

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As a father to a music-loving 6-year-old girl and 5-year-old son, I often hear the radio in their den being cranked up by my wife for them all to have a good laugh and dance around to. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be my brand of 90’s Indie or guitar rock, so I usually just gently kick the office door shut and tune out.

The occasional earworm does get in though – and then I am stuck with it. Recently I got caught out by a rather loud rendition of Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’. I’m not too old to not know who these people are just yet, but I am old enough to not quite pick up the lyrics correctly.

So later that evening I was chastised by the kids for muttering away as I cooked…

“It’s all about the money, money, money. We just need your money, money, money”

“No Dad, that’s not right! Check it on the internet!”

So I did, and I was, not for the first time wrong about a lyric.

But it did make me think: What is business about if it isn’t about the money? Why do we talk so little about it to our front line people?

We make accounting a mystical thing… we talk about margin and gross, turnover and variance, recovery, capital, OPEX.

Any business that can explain in layman terms to its frontline staff about how the business manages money will have the teams focused and onside.

Too often I hear ‘There is no money in that budget, we will have to find it from somewhere else.’ Same trousers different pockets??

This in itself generates waste.

Keep your accounting Lean. And be able to explain it to all of your staff, because then they will see,

It IS all about the money!

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