Lean RCM Improvement Journey

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Pedigree Credentials

“It is a journey. And only by involving the people in this journey will you achieve ownership and long-term sustainable results”

What a world-class combination of productivity and reliability techniques! With credentials from the automotive industry; at the forefront of the successful application of Lean techniques to maximise quality and productivity –

– and, the aircraft industry; leading the way in reliability and, in 2015, celebrating its safest ever year of travel.

Making Tangible Improvements Involving the Team

The concept of the Impact Lean RCM Masterclass is about fully involving the people in the process of change and not just management. A highly successful vehicle for change bringing ownership and sustainable results within a short, 3 month timeframe.

It’s for those who prefer results over rhetoric.

Developing People

The Masterclass process is an opportunity for people to develop new skills. Often operators and maintainers lack the opportunity to get involved in a continuous improvement process. By doing so, it develops their soft skills and their people skills and allows them to make a fuller contribution to the business.

In the old days, operators and maintainers switched off from the neck upwards as soon as they walked through the factory gates leaving managers to do all the thinking. Nowadays, those achieving world-class realise that success depends on involving all of the team.

Accredited Qualification

The EMS Cognito Impact Lean RCM process is an accredited process verified by external awarding bodies. This means the skills and competencies are delivered to a consistently high standard and are comparable and complementary to other work-related skills and qualifications.

Value Adding Process; highly-sought-after

By developing champions of the process; Qualified Lean RCM Facilitators, our customers are able to apply the process using internal resources where and when they want. They also work hard to ensure these people are well rewarded for their efforts as they are a valuable resource highly sought after in the marketplace.



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