How to improve productivity?

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We are all busy, of that, we have no doubt. But what is it we are busy doing?

Are we busy running from one catastrophe to another? Sometimes saving the towering inferno and been rewarded like the heroes we are? And of course sometimes not – but never mind – we learnt what not to do in that failure situation next time.


If we haven’t got time to sit back and realise that the roses/coffee/cut-grass smell, let alone spend time smelling them how are we going to improve? The simple answer is we won’t improve and we are doomed from the start.

We need to make time as a management group to stop our hero worship. I don’t want a station full of the bravest firefighters capable of rescuing cats from the thinnest and most dangling of branches. I want somebody to stop the cat from getting out there in the first place.

How do we know what we need to improve in our business?

Well, let’s start with what is it we are trying to achieve.

Do we have a clear Objective? Do we have goals that will lead us to achieve that objective?

Do we know how well our goods or services are being supplied to the market at the moment?


First things first.


Let’s put some time aside to really understand this.

Let’s create a Value Stream Map. First Current State, then Future State.

And how do we make the transition from the first to the second?

But we do need to release the right teams of people and resource from their day-to-day tasks to be able to do this.


I hope these people are the top class firefighting team you use? Or we might be short of resource and in a doom loop that we need to break!

Contact us if you need help on how to improve productivity your productivity.


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