Zero Waste vs Throw Away society

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What do we have reverence to look after as well as we should these days?

I can give you a few examples of where as a household my wife and I have erred on the side of ‘Run to Failure’ or as we call it more correctly in Reliability Centred Maintenance parlance ‘No Scheduled Maintenance’.


The latest is challenging our culinary expertise. The heating element in the oven has gone! I replaced the element (I didn’t keep a spare, but I did know I could source one), but the fault has come back and the house is plunged into darkness every time the oven is used. Is it worth replacing again?

£200 for a simple oven, or a second £70 for another element….. Critical spares analysis might suggest we get a new oven. Problem solved.


We run second hand cars. My current offering I paid £750 for. A Rover 75 with 115,000 on the clock.

I’m up to 154,000 without spending too much (tyres, brake pads aside). Seems like value to me, but when a large fault occurs, what will I do? Replace it with a new one.


So how does this fit with Asset Management? Well it is a valid strategy, but is it the right strategy?

If you have invested heavily in specialist assets then they need to be cared for and monitored in the correct way. The maximum Mean Time Between Failure achieved by implementing the correct Condition Based Monitoring routine, and having the best practice support systems in place to back this up.

Come and speak to me if you would like to know what these are……



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