Too much ‘Fat’ in your business?

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It is a simple analogy, but one that really helps focus the mind.

Is your business fit? Is it agile? Or does it carry too much fat – sluggish and putting its health in danger?

Before we are able to do anything about your business we need to accept there is an issue don’t we. Just the same as admitting when we could do with losing a few pounds. In both instances it is a good idea to check with a professional to make sure there isn’t an underlying reason for the symptoms. Let’s ask for a professional opinion. What does a consultant say?

Well, let’s assume there isn’t an underlying nasty cause. We have just been living a bit too comfortably – both in business and at home. What will we be asked to do?

What will any healthcare professional recommend? There are going to be phrases used like ‘weight loss’, ‘reduced calorie intake’, ‘increased exercise’. What they are really talking about is improved lifestyle, less waist – less waste!

What about a business consultant? It is going to be exactly the same – less waste???

But here is what I really want to talk about.

You have your diagnosis. What are you going to do about it?

Well, weight loss starts with two factors. A change of diet and increased exercise. But which diet should you go on?

And here is a great excuse that you hear over and over: ‘I haven’t found the right diet’, ‘That diet doesn’t work for me’……

Any excuse not to get on and make the change, make the improvement that your healthcare professional has recommended.

And in business the same excuses are used.

‘We need to confirm that is the right improvement programme for us’, ‘I need to check with senior management’……

What we need to do is stop eating the unhealthy foods, stop the unnecessary business activity – stop the waste.

Make the transformation to become Lean, agile and fit.


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