Will it be safe to drink the water when you go on holiday?

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Have you just been on holiday? Or perhaps soon to go somewhere exciting!  Has it crossed your mind yet whether it will it be safe to drink the water when you go on holiday?


Think for a minute, as safe water quality is really taken for granted in the UK.


When you open the cold tap and the beautiful clear, pure and fresh product coming out is completely palatable and safe to drink?


According to Water UK organisation “In the UK our drinking water is of the highest standard, at a record level of quality and among the best in the world.

We can turn on our taps with the certainty of a safe, clean and refreshing supply.”


But to achieve those standards is not an easy task and we have been working with South West Water and Welsh Water on Lean over many years towards that.


What has always been impressive is their grass roots commitment to quality and their drive to make things better for their customers and consumers.

WW_20120712_035Lean is about many things, and getting the right quality to your customers in a reliable way is a cornerstone.

Driving cost effective improvements to reliability and asset care programs make real sense to all stakeholders.

Holidaying in Tenby or Falmouth and you will not have to worry too much…

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Have a nice holiday!




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