Good Operations Teams Succeed?  

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“Well done everybody! Really pulled that out of the bag there!”

“Thank you team! Great effort to meet targets there.”

“Curry on me on Friday night shift! Thanks for the hard work!”

Its what we do in Operations isn’t it? We do what we need to when we need to?
Find alternative solutions, employ lateral thinking to come up with work arounds, sometimes just pull together and work work work!!!

But is this really beneficial in the long term? How many of your temporary fixes have become more ‘permanent’ than the original installation, yet actually introduce more work hours, maintenance and indeed increase risk?

Hey it doesn’t matter – we are meeting targets and that’s what we do in Operations right?

Well in the long term it does matter. We need to ensure that these things don’t become permanent, that the plant is restored to standard. By allowing more and more of this inefficiencies into our processes we are building more and more hidden cost into our business.

Operations need to take responsibility for everything they do, not just meeting targets. We need to strive to improve, reduce waste, improve efficiencies, care for our assets, have sound maintenance strategy, address root causes – not just meet production targets!

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