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Why Do We Wait For Our Business’ Health To Improve?

In the United Kingdom, we are fortunate enough to have our own National Health Service which delivers free medical care, for all at the point of use.

So when I woke up last Monday morning with a very tender, swollen and hot left elbow I picked up the phone and made an appointment to see one of the Medical Doctors at our General Practice. 1 hour and 15 minutes later I was invited into the Doctors Consulting room. I was told I had an infection and that the symptoms would clear up in a week with a course of antibiotics.

I didn’t question the person who had the training and experience to fix what was wrong. I didn’t offer my own solution. I took the prescribed improvement plan and followed it. I listened to the recommended advice;

“Finish the course of antibiotics!”

This situation made me think of some analogies relating improvement consultancy and seeing a Doctor for medical advice;


  • Firstly, we often put off going. We know something isn’t quite right, but we can’t help but imagine that it will work itself out, or by some miracle, it will magically go away. I am sure we all have been touched, or know of people who have been affected by the tragedy this can cause. Early diagnosis and treatment of most disease mean a quicker, easier and fuller recovery.

So why is it then that when something isn’t quite right with our business, we take so long to seek the help of a professional? If there is water leaking onto your kitchen floor, we call a plumber immediately. Why do you not ask for help if our business model isn’t holding up how you envisaged it would?

  • Secondly, why do we not believe or trust what Business Improvement Consultants tell us? The Doctor prescribed antibiotics – to be taken now. Not to be thought about, challenged on, or told the patient would think about it. If the Business Consultant prescribes an improvement Programme, why wait, why challenge it?

I’m glad to say my arm is back to normal. I acted quickly and took the prescribed advice of a professional. Left untreated the infection could have moved into my bone, or even into my blood as Sepsis – potentially fatal.

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