Operational Excellence Consultancy

Operational Excellence Consultancy

Our Operational excellence programmes: IMPACT Programme™, IMPACT Masterclass™ and IMPACT Toolkit™ are the results of bringing together the best people with substantial knowledge and experience of best practice in many of the best performing worldwide organisations.

Each business improvement programme is based on a common set of beliefs regarding the correct approach to Lean, Reliability and Change-Readiness but is tailored to suit individual customer needs and always with an emphasis on delivering tangible results.


We operate at three different levels:

IMPACT Programme a strategic change management programme applied company-wide or to a single plant or business function. It offers innovative ways to change your practices and processes in parallel with bringing about a change in culture. Our change management consultancy focuses on improving the efficiency of your business and increasing the availability of your processes and assets. We offer a bespoke service employing combinations of methodologies tailored to your particular needs.



IMPACT Masterclass programme is a 15-day, team-based, business improvement programme which takes place over a 3-4-month period. The purpose is to improve productivity in a sustainable way by engaging its multifunctional team members in the process of learning and applying best practice reliability and Lean tools and techniques to their working environment. By engaging and empowering cross-functional teams to make improvements directly within their day to day roles it creates belief, ownership and above all, sustainability.



IMPACT Toolkit™ offers workshops in Lean training and Reliability Best Practice Techniques training. Our Lean consultants use their extensive knowledge and practical experience to provide hands-on learning easily transferred to the workplace. IMPACT Toolkit™ workshops are ideal for integration into existing technical courses, apprenticeship learning, as well as Continuing Professional Development (CPD).



Request more information about our Operational excellence programmes by emailing us at info@emscognito.co.uk or call 0117 968 6595 and one of our expert consultants will be happy to discuss your requirements. 

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