Lean, Reliability & Change-Readiness

We believe that one of the benefits of working with us is the transfer of new skills and abilities to our clients. Our desire is to leave all our clients with the capability to continue to drive improvements long after we have gone.

Our service improves process performance in order to gain competitive advantage and maximise business profitability. Our methods reduce costs by helping you make the most of your existing resources. We achieve this by focusing on reliability, change and lean.

Our specialist consultants have first-hand operations experience and between them over 100 years in industry. By giving them an insight into how you operate it will enable them to provide you with a high quality operations strategy which will improve your business performance.

We operate in three different levels:

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 IMPACT Programme is a strategic change management programme that can be applied company-wide or to a single manufacturing plant. It offers  innovative ways to change your practices and processes in parallel with bringing about a change in culture.

We focus on improving the efficiency of your operations strategy and increasing the availability of your processes and assets. We offer a bespoke service  employing combinations of methodologies tailored to your particular needs. IMPACT Programme helps you make sustainable improvements across your business.


IMPACT Masterclass  – Introducing and demonstrating the benefits of Lean and Reliability Best Practice in your organisation.



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IMPACT Toolkit – Providing skills in lean and reliability best practices.



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