Lean & Process Improvement Case Studies

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Lean & Process Improvement Case Studies

How can one programme be applied so successfully across such a wide range of industries?

All the case studies you will read here have three key elements in common:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Practices

How we can help you?

We know what best-practice looks like across many different sectors. We have experience introducing change into companies with contrasting organisational cultures. We take an integrated approach that empowers people and makes the most of their skills and abilities. We provide training and support to practitioners to develop their competency in applying our new innovative methods.

Benefits our customers enjoy:

  • Better trained staff who are equipped with new tools and techniques and are competent in applying them
  • Lower costs and better cost control and a focus on what is most important
  • Management and practitioners pulling together
  • Teams empowered to come up with solutions and to add value

We work with renowned local, national and global organisations across all industrial and service sectors. Please take a look at our case studies below and read the benefits our clients have gained through working with us.

We are working with Welsh Water as their chosen consultants to extend their lean maintenance programme into Lean Operations. Our IMPACT Programme™ has been implemented across Welsh Water sites to improve efficiency and reliability. As part of our change readiness programme, we involve not only repair and maintenance team members but the whole cycle production including operators, maintenance and managers.

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