IMPACT Programme

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Change Management &

Business Improvement Programme

IMPACT Programme™ is a strategic change management programme that can be applied to the whole of your organisation or to a single manufacturing plant.

The IMPACT Programme™ is unique. Its strength comes from engaging managers at a strategic level and focusing their attention on areas critical to their operation. Our change management programme safeguards improvements and ensures a company’s self-sufficiency to continue them.



Cost and Risk

When efficiency and reliability are increased concurrently the gains are leveraged and can be built on, therefore, your costs and risks are reduced significantly.

Sustained Profitability

As part of the IMPACT Programme™, processes are standardised and equipment is operating at its optimum level.  The environment is controlled and production is planned. Safety increases and unexpected events reduce. 

Productivity and Quality

We work with multi-skilled multi-functional teams, creating a flexible workforce to make the most of your available resource. Equipment working at optimum levels and reduced waste within your processes both have a strong impact on improved productivity and quality.


improvement consultancy programme

How to improve productivity with our IMPACT Programme™

Analyse and Audit

Provides a benchmark of where your organisation is in relation to counterparts in your industry. Our consultants will understand existing practices in order to reveal the potential for improvement.

Vision and Goals

Helps you to set realistic goals based on business priorities, in line with available resources and taking into consideration any potential constraints.

Prepare for Change

Assesses change readiness within the team including culture and attitudes. Understand that change needs to happen across all levels of the organisation.

Facilitate Change

Engages practitioners in interactive sessions held next to the shop floor to create consistency in operational processes and practices. It sets up an alliance between engineering and production including operators. Implementation of how to improve productivity is achieved as part of our IMPACT Masterclass™.

Transfer Ownership

Leaves you with in-house expertise, proprietary software, materials, skills validation and qualifications.

Review and Support

We offer long-term support in all the tools and techniques that form part of the IMPACT Programme™.

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