Lean, Process Improvement and Reliability training


Lean, Process Improvement and Reliability training

Our IMPACT Toolkit™ provides practitioners and managers with the knowledge, tools, techniques and templates to make sustainable improvements in the workplace.

Find out about specific Lean and Reliability training, dates and locations or contact us for more information on bespoke training.

IMPACT Toolkit™ for Lean

The IMPACT Toolkit™ for Lean provides proven, best practice yet practical tools, techniques and templates to eliminate non-value adding activity from your organisation. Understanding how Lean affects Quality, Costs and Delivery, industry benchmark key performance indicators and how eliminating the 7 wastes from the process improves productivity, quality, flexibility and customer service.

IMPACT Toolkit™ for Change

The IMPACT Toolkit™ for change purpose is to implement changes to operational practice by paying particular attention to the level of performance of the working teams. It should not be assumed that teamwork comes naturally so allowing people to have team effectiveness training enables them to continually review and develop teamwork and performance.

Our consultants foster effective communication processes between teams and in teams to ensure they understand the concept of change readiness. They ensure that teams work on continuous improvement and that they promote self-directed autonomy

We offer a range of training to help organisations prepare for change including:

  • Team effectiveness workshops
  • Change development workshops for managers and teams
  • 1:1 coaching.

IMPACT Toolkit™ for Reliability

An IMPACT Toolkit™ for reliability based on learning from the aircraft industry and other high-performing industry sectors backed up by in-depth customer case study and proven results. Understand how to identify, quantify and control the risks to process reliability that undermine productivity


Bespoke IMPACT Toolkit™ Programme

We provide bespoke, on-site, IMPACT Toolkit™ training workshops for a minimum of 5 people completely tailored to the needs of your organisation. Talk to us about your requirements and we can advise you on the best combination of Lean and reliability tools and techniques required to deliver results for you in your unique operating environment.

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