Why EMS Cognito

Lean Consulting

Lean Consulting

We start with you, your challenges and your opportunities.

Our IMPACT Programme™ is unique, innovative and bespoke to your requirements. Our purpose is to help you achieve operational excellence by improving productivity. This will give your business competitive advantage and make it more sustainable.

Our company ethos allows us to:

Identify the most critical processes
Produce early wins that gain buy-in from the start of the manufacturing improvement process
Transfer our expertise during implementation
Deliver change that is measurable and sustainable

Our Customers

We work with global manufacturers and processors who require Lean and process improvement consulting. Our customers come from diverse sectors, including print, packaging, plastics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, energy and water utilities. We have worked with many household names including more than 20 of the top 50 food and drink manufacturers, such as HJ Heinz, PepsiCo and Kellogg’s.


The Secrets to our success in Operational Excellence

  • We keep our improvement process simple – our philosophy is to do simple things exceptionally well. We believe manufacturing excellence comes from mastering a simple technique and applying it consistently. This enables improved understanding, easier implementation and a greater opportunity for success to get things right.
  • We combine methodologies to gain leverage – Reliability, Lean and change management are inextricably intertwined. Reliability is a pre-requisite for efficiency just as having the right mindset is necessary to enable a continuous improvement culture
  • Change is all about looking at behaviour in the workplace – Innovation comes from introducing new concepts and philosophies that lead to new ways of doing things. In order to introduce the manufacturing improvement process, it is essential that we work with cross-functional teams to challenge convention. We embed changes that are in line with your organisation and employees to promote a sustainable leadership ‘engine.’
  • We believe in Active Learning – Our consultants act as specialists, facilitators, mentors and coaches. Generally speaking, people in manufacturing are doers; they see something they don’t like, and they do something to change it. Improving productivity is about giving people the opportunity to design and implement new processes and put them into practice themselves.
  • International Leadership – We have successfully implemented the IMPACT Programme in countries across the world and therefore have good experience of delivering our skills in multiple languages.

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