Does it Matter and do you know?

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Have you heard the analogy of the boiling frog?

It is said that to boil a frog you introduce it to tepid water and gradually bring up the temperature so that it falls asleep. However, if you introduce a frog straight into hot water it notices and jumps out straight away.

This analogy works well in a business sense, as a company are you aware of how the markets are changing around you?


I was aware of a company that made cathode ray tubes, they were the best most cost effective great quality with great customer satisfaction but do you see cathode rays anymore? No, the market changed. As a business this is a hard place to be you, need a dynamic team setting clear visions that you want to be the best which means working with customers to understand the next developments.

Many businesses have gone bust due to the fact that they were oblivious to conditions around them changing.

Alternatively: The burning platform. The burning platform is a visual image which introduces the concept that change is not an option, as a business you have to do something. We are forced into action and we know where we need to be, there is great focus but how often in a business are we at this point? We are more likely to find ourselves working hard in a changing market place the environment around us changing a similar situation to the frog in warm water.

Dr W. Edwards Deming said ‘Essential for long term survival is a rate of improvement that is sustained and superior to that of global competitors’

Only focusing on cost reduction is not enough we must also focus on what the customer requires and develop our business. We must therefore look at a culture for continuous improvement. But only managers can say what is improvement, it is therefore the role of managers of an organisation to set clear objectives and a clear why the business exists, then others within the organisation can make the necessary improvements to get there.

Do you know if you need to change? Do you have the capability within your business to set the strategy so everyone in the organisation knows what is expected of them?


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