Is two years sufficient time to introduce the necessary change?

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The outlook will soon be sweet for soft drinks companies after a long-dreaded ‘sugar tax’ was revealed in March by George Osborne, the UK chancellor. 

Soft drinks manufacturers will be taxed according to the volume of the sugar-sweetened drinks they produce or import.  The new tax will come into force in two years’ time, in order to give companies time to change the ingredients of their products.

The EMS Cognito IMPACT™ Masterclass process is already helping a number of food and drinks companies’ achieve quality and deliver targets with lower operating costs. With an externally accredited qualification, the Lean RCM process provides operational teams with the tools and competencies to deliver rapid yet sustainable change within their industry.

Maybe it’s time to get ahead of the game…

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IMPACT Programme is a strategic change management programme that can be applied to the whole of your organisation or to a single manufacturing plant.




IMPACT Masterclass is a 15 day programme delivering a tangible improvement in productivity or efficiency within a 3 month timescale.


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IMPACT Toolkit offers an extensive programme of Lean and Reliability Training workshops. More information



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