Putting in Place Your Burning Platform… (Part II)

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In the last blog post I spoke about the origins of the commonly used term in Change Management programmes, ‘burning platform

Now I continue with this topic, and talk about the people within our organisations. What motivates them and what behaviors may indicate a need for change?


Motivators – What is it that motivates people?

Is it a lack of winning, or, a fear of losing that drives people to make the necessary change?

We all know that you can please some of the people all the time, all of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time. So there has to be more than one motivator if you are going to appeal to a diverse workforce. How would you rank this list in order of importance?

  • Trust
  • Dependence
  • Pride
  • Importance
  • Success
  • Money
  • Being a part of it
  • Responsibility


Indicators/ behaviours

 What sort of behaviours would you expect to see exhibited to indicate that people feel the heat? Let’s talk about some examples of behaviours which may help you determine if the need to change has been accepted or not:

  • Do employees feel that when the business goals are met they will also benefit?
  • Is there actually a penalty for losing? And will it be used?
  • Does the senior management team practice what it preaches? In other words, a true message is conveyed by the actions and not by the words.
  • Trade unions have different goals. If you stop to consider the facts, if a company has the right recipe for success, and the employees believe in it, then why would they need a trade union in the first place?
  • Do you see people waiting in their cars right up to the moment when they are due to arrive at work?

Are these the same people who wait beside the clocking-out machine 5 minutes before the end of the shift to get away as quickly as possible? Are they concerned about the Goals? No; but why?


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