The Impact Masterclass™ Lean RCM Programme

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The Impact Masterclass™ Lean RCM Programme now offers even more with the option to develop your own licensed, qualified, Lean RCM facilitators.

  • In-house capability to deliver world-class continuous improvement strategies using the EMS Cognito Impact Masterclass™ Lean RCM materials and methodology
  • Continued coaching and support from EMS Cognito and access to the network of other Lean RCM facilitators in many industrial sectors
  • Continued coaching, auditing and Internal Verification of Lean RCM facilitators by EMS Cognito

A successful track record in: Food & Drink, Packaging, Printing, Water Industry, Recycling, Chemical, Foundry, Automotive, Plastics

Benefits of the Impact Masterclass™ Lean RCM Programme

  • Increased reliability, meaning higher equipment uptime, reduced waste and less risk to product quality from process failures
  • A more cost-effective approach to operations and maintenance fully recognising the contribution of operators to reliability and focusing on a condition-based approach to determining the need for equipment intervention
  • A best practice, visual management system which integrates equipment performance and improvement issues into day-to-day operational performance review
  • A recognised, accredited, vocational qualification in Lean and Reliability best practice
  • An integrated, sustainable approach to reliability which engages both operators and maintainers and encourages partnership between the functions
  • A reduction in the commitment of maintenance personnel to breakdowns and routine maintenance allowing the department to reduce maintenance backlog and fully engage in continuous improvement activities


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