Lean; In the name of the Father…

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8 Good reasons why Lean is a lot more like a Religion than a training course


You can only start your journey towards the vision by openly admitting that there are many faults and discretions, showing humility, ditching pride. Auditing, Understanding and Accepting.


Have you seen the light? If you don’t have a vision of perfection to guide your decision making then you will wander aimlessly from one strategy to the next. What does David look like in your organisation? Remembering that a mutual benefit is a shared benefit and only a shared benefit will endure. Creating the vision.


Day after day, year after year, you may never see, feel, touch, experience your Vision but deep down you know it’s there and it’s the right thing to follow. Whether you believe you will succeed or believe you will fail you are probably right. You never doubt. Preparing for Change.

Preacher not teacher

Your organisation needs a guiding coalition to keep them on track towards the Vision. It needs someone who truly understands the Vision and how to get there. Someone to create a picture and constant reminders of what David looks like. Someone to create believers. Facilitating the Change.

Guides your behaviours

The vision guides your behaviours. And, believers will do the right things. You do not follow a set procedure, you avoid “ticking the box” but instead count fellow believers in your organisation as a way of marking progress. Steering the Transformation.

Different sects

Recognising and accepting there are different routes to the vision. David may be known by different pseudonyms in other organisations and different industry sectors. Some people go to their church on a Friday, others on a Sunday. Different techniques and different routes. Don’t get confused. Choose yours and stick to it. What does Lean mean for us?

(7) Deadly sins

  1. Do what I say not what I do (be careful of organisations where the operations manager dresses differently to the workers)
  2. Ticking the box progress
  3. Sheep dipping
  4. Confusing training with believing
  5. Badge collecting
  6. Only thinking about Lean on Sunday morning
  7. Only thinking about Lean when something’s gone wrong

Judgement Day

Is there a “Heaven and Hell” scenario in your business that is a fundamental belief amongst the people; from director to junior, from operational departments to support functions? Do people have faith in the strategy? Do you have a burning platform for change and the guiding coalition to get you there?


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