Reduce Customer Bills – Are You Staying Ahead of the Game?

EMS Cognito working with Welsh Water

EMS Cognito working with Welsh Water

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EMS Cognito have been making waves in the water industry recently. In times of increasing pressure to reduce customer bills from OFWAT are you staying ahead of the game? We would like to share with you how some of our key customers in the water industry are doing exactly that ]

Welsh Water: Moving up the stream of sustainability

At EMS Cognito, we pride ourselves on delivering competitive edge consultancy.

Over the last two years we have been working with Dwr Cymru Welsh Water and over 200 of their employees at sites across the country in both clean and waste water. We have designed company specific improvement programmes as well as adapting our signature materials to suit the needs of the company, its people and processes. The programme has enabled Welsh Water to work more efficiently and effectively which ultimately will benefit their customers with better service and lower bills.


Matt Gilson, Improvement Consultant

“The end goal at Welsh Water is to achieve highly efficient operation. We are providing the strategies, tools and techniques at all levels of the company to ensure that goal is achieved”

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WHAT THE CLIENT THINKSems-cognito-Event-manchester-46

Colin Hughes, Engineering Team Leader WW

“Lean RCM is an efficiency programme… it’s a process for progress”

Read more in our client case study.






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