6 steps to achieving employee engagement

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Successful Employee engagement is about more than a poster on a wall.
Why do we always do what we’ve always done, new strategy coming so we put a poster on the wall to tell our employees? It’s not really engagement is it?

How many times do we change processes without talking to people? No excuses these days with the advancement of social media we talk to people all the time but often we forget those right in front of us.

Is a poster ever the answer to telling folks that something has changed? Tony Robbins thinks there are 6 needs that people need to fulfil when these needs are met people can buy into the change or form a new habit.
These needs are:

  • Certainty
  • Uncertainty
  • Desire to feel important
  • Connected
  • Growth
  • Contribute to the work of others

Here is how we meet those 6 needs when implementing an IMPACT programme™ with a client.

Certainty – We have run many many IMPACT programmes before, we know we will achieve the desired output, with this we bring certainty to the change programme.

Uncertainty – We bring a lot of this too. It is a popular misconception that by establishing new systems life will be boring, don’t worry it won’t. Problems will still occur but you will see them more readily and appreciate the thrill of resolving them. Uncertainty, the thrill of problem-solving.

Desire to feel important – A team are selected to pilot the improvement in the initial instance, how important it is to feel part of something new. Throughout the IMPACT programme teams and individuals are consulted and involved in a systematic way. Not just a poster on the wall. Through the review of a programme with site leadership, the teams are praised and thanked.

Connection – The IMPACT programme introduces daily meetings for the site teams with weekly and monthly reviews. This offers a constant connection between a team’s work and the goal of the company. “I feel connected because I know what I do impacts the business goal”, very powerful.

Contribute to work of others – It is our ambition that we leave a site when the IMPACT programme is implemented a key enabler for this is that the site team have grown and developed their knowledge and can continue to improve the work they and others do around them.

To sustain all of this is hard work to start with and does require a different way of thinking. All staff need to feel appreciated and valued not only at CEO level but at all levels in the organisation. But get this right and you will have an engaged workforce ready for the next challenge you face.

With your next interaction with a fellow team member or employee think about the 6 needs, do you help people fulfil all of them, or do you stick a poster on the wall?

How will you make an IMPACT today?


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