A Sense of Urgency?

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What makes you move quickly? With a ‘Sense of Urgency’?

Perhaps you have been rushed to help a member of the public in distress? Maybe you have had to move mountains to help a loved one in the early hours of the morning?

Perhaps a water pipe had burst and you needed to isolate the supply!!!

We see these problems easily and jump into action without questioning if we are doing the right thing.

Why then do Improvement Programmes take so long to gather momentum in large organisations? Savings of 10%p.a. on maintenance budgets are not realised, plant availability is not improved by 15-20% ‘with a sense of urgency’.

Well we don’t see these as immediate problems within our control, yet they are.

It is all too easy to lose sight of the objectives of a business.

Why are we there, doing what we are doing? Without a clear message (Objectives, Strategies, Goals and Measures) we might as well be running round chasing the next bag of sweets!

Take a deep breath. Business Leaders will welcome suggestions of change and improvement, especially if we are able to show the financial benefit. None I know will turn down a programme which has delivered a substantial benefit in a similar organisation, in a similar industry!

What are you going to improve?

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