Great companies grow strong roots

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It’s not the tallest tree that survives but that which has the strongest roots. A similarity can be drawn to organisations.

The strong supportive trunk where the food and water passes between the roots and leaves. The branches and leaves which collect vital nutrients that keep the tree alive. The role of both is to pass food back to the roots so the tree can stand tall and continue to grow.

Without the trunk there would be no structure, without the leaves and branches no nutrients, without the roots no water or stability; all have a role to play.

How does this compare to organisations? The leader acts as the trunk providing support for the team of branches above to grow. The leader cannot tell the branches and teams how to grow instead provides the support they need to develop in a way beneficial to the organisation. The leader is not at the top of the tree leading the way instead provides support and encouragement for the teams to lead the way. The roots are the support the leader and team needs in order to achieve just like other functions in the organisation.

Does this happen smoothly in your organisation; do you have lots of support functions connected to the growth of the company or are they all competing to be at the top of the tree? It’s not competition we need within organisations but cooperation. There is enough competition from external factors applying pressure on an organisation. Within the organisation we must work together to reach a common goal; success of the company.

Does your organisation have a common goal? Is the goal of the business the same for IT as it is for HR and operations? Make an IMPACT align all objectives next year for one company goal, not silo goals and your organisation can gain the strength needed to beat the competition.




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