Learn about Lean when going for a burger

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Have you ever been to McDonald’s? Learn about lean when going for a burger

You turn up, they have no idea what you are going to order yet you can walk in get your food and be on your way in about 10mins. McDonald’s is about efficiency without sacrificing quality, speed, consistency.

Anywhere in the world, the formula is the same but have you ever stopped to see how they make it happen?

McDonald’s is really a mini Lean manufacturing plant. Different work cells prepare various “components” there is an assembly area, there is a supply chain coupled with “customer support” (i.e. the sales clerk). They are prepared for any order from the menu.

McDonald’s thrives on some core fundamentals;

  • Standardization – a Big Mac is a Big Mac – go into any restaurant and you’ll get these same result every time coupled with a fastidious approach to quality
  • A production process approach – different work cells combining to make the finished product
  • Just in Time production – make what’s needed – small numbers of ready finished product
  • Flexible and multi-skilled workforce
  • Lean production – the backroom kitchen of a McDonalds is not massive – they have gone to town on ensuring they get the most out of their real estate

Next time you want to explain lean to someone take them for a burger, stop, and watch the process happen it is so simple that you may miss the lesson.


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