Visual is best. No training required

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What a simple LEAN way to help the novice commuter (me) navigate through the heaving crowds.

Problem: How do I get from an unfamiliar Charing Cross rail station to the Bakerloo Tube station?

Answer:  Follow the coloured lines.   Spotted lines similar to these pictured at Victoria station.  Simple visual aids to guide me on my journey clearly showing how to get to my destination tube station.

As with all good systems: Colour coded. No training / lesson required. Simple. Instinctive. No language barriers to overcome. Apple iPhone thinking.  Just like the best visual techniques I use everyday to help businesses deliver dramatically improved results through LeanRCM across all sorts of diverse systems and processes.

Whether it is a pilot in a cockpit or an unfamiliar operator walking past an item of equipment if there is a gauge that shows clearly it is pointing in the red zone  “She’s about to BLOW” ….. it will trigger a response.




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