Lean Journey – 4 Step Guide for first time Line Managers

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Being the first time Line Manager can sometimes be a difficult and lonely place. It is the first time you are responsible for asking somebody to complete tasks they may not want to do or that they see no value in doing. It could be that before you were ‘promoted’, you were part of the team – complaining about them about the ‘no point in doing this’ jobs. Or maybe you are in the Graduate Development scheme and this is your first introduction to leadership and as well as the difficulty of dealing with the team, you have to deliver something! Production targets, Quality Aims, Training – all whilst making sure everybody works safely.

How can you make your life easier whilst improving your team’s skills, performance and the business in which you work? This is the starting point for your Operational Review; Improved Communication, Understanding, Setting of Expectations and measuring what was delivered against them.

The IMPACT programme™ builds an entire framework within an organisation in which these processes are established. However, there is nothing to say that you cannot start your own sphere of influence, and furthermore improve the way in which you and your team operate.

Here’s what you need to start with:

1. Set Expectations

What is the objective that your team needs to fulfil? Why are you here today?

2. Measure Performance

Did we achieve everything we set out to achieve?

3. Root Cause Analysis

If we didn’t meet our objectives, let’s find out why, and implement a countermeasure to stop it happening again.

4. Ask for Support

If the problems that are stopping us from meeting our objectives are not able to be resolved within your team – ask for help. Don’t allow the problem to be swept under the carpet – regular communication on the status of that help will be well received.

If you successfully complete the above four steps, you will have embarked on your first Lean Journey!  Once you have implemented the above actions, and witness the results first hand, you will be able to further understand the benefits of working Lean.



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